5 Most Common Work Accidents & Injuries

Do you know what are the most common work accidents and what are the consequences? If you don’t, keep reading, we will provide information that you can use for you or someone you love in case something similar happens.

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In number one we have slips, trips, and falls. Any of these can be the consequences of wet floors, slippery superficies, or employee distraction. If the accident happens as a result of any of the first two situations that we mentioned above, the employee has the legal right to pursue a lawsuit for damages against the employer. We strongly suggest you consult an attorney to get the best guidance and, therefore, the best outcome for that complicated situation. gives you a free phone appointment to validate your claim.

As most common accident, in place number 2, we have muscles strains. They are many causes for these situations and not always are the employer’s fault. However, if the owner of the workplace fails to provide the correct equipment and a safe environment to perform the job description with security, they should be accountable for the situation. However, every case is different and needs to be evaluated individually.

In number three we can find a very frequent situation that is, being hit by failing objects. In most of the cases, the employer is responsible for the situation. Even if you got hit by a lightbulb, the owner of the workplace is accountable. This is because someone didn’t secure the article properly or because the premise hasn’t had a proper maintenance. In all cases, to consult with a legal professional is highly recommended.

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Crashes and collisions are taking position number four. With this category, we need to be very careful since, in many cases, the same employees are responsible for the incidents. Normally, when there’s a crash or a collision, a full investigation by the authorities is necessary to determine the cause and the guilty individual. An expert’s report is the best way to report the damages to all parties. If there was negligence from the employer or the employee will appear in that document. For both scenarios, to have an attorney beside you or your loved one, is a very important situation to consider.

Finally, in number five we have cuts and lacerations. Depending in the degree of the injuries, a full investigation might determine the cause of the accident and who has the liability for the situation. Under this description, there’s a wide variety of circumstances and factors to consider before appointing a guilty person(s). Lack of training and fail to provide a safe place to work are the most frequent causes for getting wounded.

As you can see, they are many work accidents and way to handle them. In all the above scenarios, and many more that didn’t include in this article, to have a lawyer helping you and managing your case is vital for a good resolution. In many of the cases, a legal professional will work without payment until the court has a verdict. It is then when the agreement takes place, and the attorney will receive a percentage of the compensation. This amount is normally established during the first visits.

There are many legal firms in New York. gives you a free phone consultation. They also have Spanish speaker professionals that will gladly assist you in your language. This itself, gives you peace of mind knowing that you will understand the whole process, from the beginning until the end. If you have any doubt about your situation, contact and they will be happy to help you in a prompt manner.

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